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April Kelly

If there’s any certainty in the current economy, it’s that it is full of uncertainty. What you have done in your career and how you tell that story could be a critical component in your professional development; either at your current employment or in the future. Taking control of your career now is essential, and […]

Dr. Terry McGeeney…


“If Family Medicine doesn’t change, along with the U.S. Health Care system, the family practice as we know it will cease to exist in the next 10-15 years.” That was one of findings of a study entitled “The Future of Family Medicine” commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). TransforMED was inspired by […]

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mountain climbers

Mountain Professionals seemed like a simple idea in 2000. That was the year that Ryan Waters and Dave Elmore met in South America, where both were working in the industry and both had the idea to start their own guiding company. As the guiding season progressed, so did the business plan, culminating with, what they […]

J. Byrne Murphy…


J. Byrne Murphy, MBA, is an entrepreneur who has created several companies across Europe over the last fifteen years. His book, LE DEAL: How A Young American, In Business, In Love, And In Over His Head Brought A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry To Europe, is best described as treatise on entrepreneurship with equal parts adventure, global […]

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Jeff Beals Reveals…


There are many ways that sales success is displayed by successful college football coaches. If you want a successful team, you need good players, right? Jeff Beals, author of Selling Saturdays: Blue-Chip Sales Tips from College Football, talked to college football coaches to find out what drives them. He talked with a lot of them. […]

Maria Leads Martin…

maria martin

Maria Martin is a woman working in a man’s world. Does that sound sexist enough for you? Sorry,  I don’t mean it to be but let’s face it, Maria comes from an “old world” family and is one of the few female tobacco blenders in the world. Let’s just say she was born to be […]

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