Ross Manning Leads a Tuesday Morning Adventure

Finally, a man that knows what woman want. (And, men too!) Meet Ross Manning, Senior Vice President, Marketing of Tuesday Morning, an upscale, deep discount, off-price retailer. He previously served as General Merchandise Manager. Prior to joining Tuesday Morning, Manning was Managing Partner of Retail Experiences Consulting, Inc., an international marketing and retail consulting firm. … [Read more...]

Jim Neiman is a Lumbering Giant

People who harvest timber out of the Black Hills are no longer just big burly men who lug giant chainsaws up the side of the mountain. Computers now play such an integral part of the lumber industry that Jim Neiman, vice-president of Neiman Enterprises said to me, “If you know anyone willing to work from your area and has a background in Electrical Engineering, send ‘em my way. We’ll put them … [Read more...]

Sturgis Coffee Company Finds Caffeinated Success

Drive through downtown Sturgis anytime other than 2 weeks in August, and it's easy to come away thinking that nothing much happens here except during the motorcycle rally. But that’s just 10 days each year. The rest of the time, it’s a community with the same struggles and challenges of any small town. As I pulled in on an early Sunday afternoon, we were hard pressed to find anything open … [Read more...]

Steve Zaffron Lays Down Laws of Performance

In a world that some days seems completely upside down, what does a leader do to continue to try and move their organization forward? The first step may be "unlearning our past." In their book, THE THREE LAWS OF PERFORMANCE, breakthrough performance experts Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan show companies and individuals how to revive people's passion for accomplishment creating a pathway to … [Read more...]

Three Dog Bakery is Going to the Dogs (and Cats)

Do your dogs get treated better than you do? Mine do and they know it. Thankfully, they are good at “showing the love.” Anybody who has pets knows what I mean. So do the folks at Three Dog Bakery. People consider their dogs and cats as part of the family and as nutrition becomes a more pressing issue in our country, people are putting extra thought and care into their pets' health as … [Read more...]

David Thomson Gives You the Blueprint to a Billion

Editor's Note: I considered David Thomson a great friend and mentor. He died earlier this year quite suddenly (and, too soon) and is greatly missed. Most people believe that once you write a book, the money comes rolling in. Not so, says David Thomson, the author of the best selling business book, BLUEPRINT TO A BILLION: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth. In fact, the work really … [Read more...]

Simms Fishing Products At Home in the Water

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. But put that man in a pair of leaky waders and he'll quit in five minutes. Nobody knows this better than Simms Fishing Products, the lone manufacturer of waders in the United States, and one of three that is licensed to produce GORE-TEX® waders worldwide. We stopped the road tour in Bozeman, Montana to … [Read more...]