Increase Your Brand with Help from April Kelly Book

If there's any certainty in the current economy, it's that it is full of uncertainty. What you have done in your career and how you tell that story could be a critical component in your professional development; either at your current employment or in the future. Taking control of your career now is essential, and the advice that April Kelly shares in Spaghetti on the Wall: Branding and Networking … [Read more...]

Dr. Terry McGeeney Says Health Care Must Be Transformed

"If Family Medicine doesn't change, along with the U.S. Health Care system, the family practice as we know it will cease to exist in the next 10-15 years." That was one of findings of a study entitled "The Future of Family Medicine" commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). TransforMED was inspired by the practice redesign recommendations of the report that called … [Read more...]

Neita Wiese’s Heart Smart Business

On a sunny June morning in 2005, Neita Wiese's life changed in a moment. Her heart literally stopped beating. Her miraculous survival of a life-threatening heart attack is truly a testament to the quick action of co-workers, emergency responders and hospital staff. What was ironic is that Neita had a career reciting the symptoms that she nearly ignored. She was a National Marketing Director for … [Read more...]

Seattle Sutton – Queen of Healthy Eating

As soon as I walked up to Seattle Sutton, I knew I was going to like her. We met for our interview at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Plaza and I was running late and out of breath. I rushed to meet her and the first words out of my mouth were, “You look taller in your photo.” She immediately laughed and said, “People have told me that.” I would never talk about a lady’s age. (I was … [Read more...]

George Steinmetz Raises Photography to New Heights

26 Years in Africa 22 Countries 4 Motors 3 Paragliders One Determined Photographer Many people dream of having a job that involves adventure in exotic locales, but few are able to make it a reality.  As a exploratory photographer for such publications as National Geographic, GEO, Life and The New York Times Magazine, George Steinmetz is living the dream and we had the pleasure of … [Read more...]

California Guitar Trio Amazes

Imagine three virtuoso guitarists playing as if they were one musician, but with 18 strings. That’s the California Guitar Trio, three musicians who studied with King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp and played in his League of Crafty Guitarists, a 20 piece guitar orchestra, before embarking on their own path 18 years ago. Paul Richards of Salt Lake City, Utah, Bert Lams of Brussels, Belgium, and … [Read more...]

Britz and Company Finds Humane Solutions

One of those humble people I've met was Dr. William Britz, Jr. DVM.  Dr. Britz is the Chairman and Founder of Britz and Company, a producer of enriched animal housing for Bio research, zoos and universities. In his other life, Dr. Britz was in the United States Air Force for 21 years and served as the Flight Veterinarian for “Ham," the first chimpanzee in space, even proceeding Alan Sheppard. … [Read more...]

Square One Systems Design a Better Way

Square One Systems Design office is located at the foot of the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They are an engineering firm specializing in the development of complex automated system integration and robotics. Bob Viola, Director of Engineering found himself needing to learn to be an entrepreneur after a career as a company man. He loved Jackson Hole and knew he had to find a way to stay. “I … [Read more...]

MySpace Kind of Money

Are you ready to sell your big idea for “MySpace Money?” Chances are it’s not the idea or the business you think, that will be the Big Winner. Lance Hemenway, former Chief Marketing Officer at LaGarde has roots as one of the MySpace 9. “MySpace originally was just somewhere to store information, believe it or not. It wasn’t even ‘client facing.’ It was internal. It was used as an … [Read more...]