Dr. Terry McGeeney Says Health Care Must Be Transformed

Dr. Terry McGeeney“If Family Medicine doesn’t change, along with the U.S. Health Care system, the family practice as we know it will cease to exist in the next 10-15 years.”

That was one of findings of a study entitled “The Future of Family Medicine” commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

TransforMED was inspired by the practice redesign recommendations of the report that called for “a financially self-sustaining national resource (to be) implemented to provide practices with ongoing support in the transition to the New Model of family medicine.”

President and CEO, Dr. Terry McGeeney brings nearly 30 years of experience as a board-certified family physician, including more than a decade in rural solo practice where he practiced the full spectrum of family medicine, including obstetrics and extensive emergency room experience.

“The country already spends too much money but it is not spent wisely or equally. The  Healthcare System of the United States truly is synonymous with the sinking Titanic.”

A February 2006 Health Poll Report Survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that,  “more Americans are personally worried about health care costs than about losing their job, paying their rent or mortgage, losing money in the stock market, or being a victim  of a terrorist attack.”

TransforMED is at the vanguard of this new movement to significantly improve health care for Americans while increasing satisfaction for family physicians and their practice team. TransforMED recently completed a “proof-of-concept” National Demonstration Project to pilot test the TransforMED Medical Home model of care in 36 family medicine practices of varying sizes across the country.  Pilot practices sought to implement all elements of the model and undergo independent, real-time evaluation to determine the model’s impact on the quality of care and business performance.

The Patient Centered Medical Home needs to be about reinventing all of primary care not just how primary care manages chronic disease. It needs to be about more than changing parts of primary care often referred to as “levels”. It needs to be about patients being the center of healthcare and the driver of care rather than the passive recipient. It needs to be about rewarding the redesign of primary care around PCMH, not just rewarding better chronic disease management.

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