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Five Ring Insight Partner Eli BremerCreating your own elite success

The Olympics are the gold standard for performance excellence. In sports, it’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t … it’s measured on the clock, in the score, by the kilo. It’s all in the numbers. In business and life, it can be more difficult to determine who wins.

Surprisingly, most Olympians attribute their success to unlocking their potential rather than to having talent that others don’t. Five former Olympians have started a training company to help “real people” unlock their potential in business and in life.

Five Ring Insight believes the methods to achieving success that are studied and applied by Olympians can be used by anyone to achieve tremendous success. They’ll create opportunities for behavioral change patterns to allow you to achieve your own maximum productivity and performance. “What we find in sports is transferable to all levels of life,” says co-founder, Eli Bremer. “We’re in the environment of ‘high-level performance.’ We are constantly pushing ourselves. Sports, as in business, if you get complacent, if you get ‘fat’ so to speak, you’re not going to be as competitive. We’re operating in that environment all the time out here (USOC Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.)”

Five Ring Insight was founded by Bremer, one of the most decorated pentathletes in US history and a 2008 Olympic Team member and Patricia Miranda the United States’ first Olympic medalist in women’s wrestling , taking home the Bronze Medal in the 2004 Olympics.

Business need to focus on their ‘processes’ and become more efficient in the process. What athletes bring is how you train, how you prepare, how you set yourself up for long-term success in sports or in business that has lots of short-term benchmarks,” Miranda added. “So what our conferences and presentations will aim to do is help give people that are competing everyday in the business world, a short cut to understanding what the 5 -7 steps are in a process that might make them ‘elite performers.’”

They have recruited otheFive Ring Insight Logor Olympians to their team including Rowdy Gaines, Jessica Mendoza and Matt Emmons who each have unique qualifications, education and life experiences. Emmons for example is famous for shooting the wrong target in the 2004 Olympics, thereby giving up a second Gold Medal in those Games. His ability to overcome adversity and bounce back from failure is legendary.

They will work with your corporation in applying those same basic tenets of athletic success to achieve elite performance in the business world. Some of the topics that will form the curriculum are ethics, dealing with failure, overcoming adversity and the importance of balance. They’ll conduct seminars for small and large groups, and programs can be tailored to meet your company’s individual needs. Training is interactive and designed to be interesting and meaningful. Lessons are taught using real life examples from our trainers’ careers with an emphasis on what can be applied in a corporate setting. They also offer keynote speaking and large group training using a similar approach.

The 5 Ring Insight Team:

Eli Bremer is a seven-time World Team Member, Pan American Games Gold Medalist, World Cup Final Bronze Medalist, and 2008 Olympic Team member, Eli is. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy with an undergraduate degree in Economics and later earned an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Patricia Miranda is also a six-time national champion, three-time World Medalist, and Pan American Games Gold Medalist. Patricia distinguished herself in college by wrestling for a Division I men’s program. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Stanford and holds a J.D. from Yale.

Matt Emmons is an Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist in shooting, Matt has dominated the international rifle shooting circuit for over four years. He and his wife, Katerina (Katy) Kurkova of the Czech Republic are a dynamic duo, as Katy is an Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist.

Jessica Mendoza is an Olympic Gold and Silver medalist, Pan American Games Gold Medalist and World Championships Offensive MVP, Jessica has been a cornerstone of the US Softball Team for the past 8 years. A graduate of Stanford University, Jessica is a board member of the National Education Association and is President of the Women’s Sports Foundation

Known throughout the early 1980s as the fastest swimmer on earth, Rowdy Gaines is one of America’s favorite Olympians. At the peak of his career and heavily favored to win five gold medals at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the U.S. boycott denied him that chance. At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, he was not expected to medal but instead capped his phenomenal career with three gold medals and two world records. His determination to compete in Los Angeles in 1984 and his continued success as “Swimming’s Ambassador” mark Rowdy Gaines as one of the world’s most dedicated, ambitious athletes and symbolize the American quest for more than gold.

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