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If there’s any certainty in the current economy, it’s that it is full of uncertainty. What you have done in your career and how you tell that story could be a critical component in your professional development; either at your current employment or in the future. Taking control of your career now is essential, and the advice that April Kelly shares in Spaghetti on the Wall: Branding and Networking Methods that Stick will help you effectively manage and develop the kind of personal brand that sticks to you.

April is obviously a firm believer in networking to build a personal brand. In her first book, Gratitude at Work: How to Say Thank You, Give Kudos, and Get the Best from Those You Lead (also from her publishing company WooHoo Press, she practices what she preaches. What is your brand and what have you done lately to put some polish on it? Are you responsible for the company you work for and their brand? April made her name in the dotcom arena, working for PayPal before they were even known as PayPal. She helped to lay the foundation to build the company from the ground up. She was instrumental in hiring the first 700 employees and helping to grow that company’s presence.

In her role as the Senior Director of customer operations at LinkedIn, she started, staffed, and unlocked the door to the customer service center for LinkedIn in Omaha. Today, that office supports over 100 million LinkedIn users worldwide. So she knows of what she speaks, when the subject is personal branding.

“They say in today’s economy, people are going to change jobs every 18 months to three years. When you’re changing that quickly, you’ve got to have a way to re-brand yourself. Maybe today you’re a pastry chef, tomorrow you’re an IT consultant. Where can you display that? Tools like LinkedIn will help you do that, if you utilize them properly,” April says.

Are you ready to make your personal brand stick?  April says that whether you’re defining a personal brand or helping your employer, these are some of the steps you need to address:

• Identify key strengths, unique values, and passions
• Create realistic, specific goals
• Enhance and define a personal brand
• Apply the four paramount rules of networking
• Use social networking sites to build a valuable network

So, regardless if you’re looking for a job or pleased with the one you have, you should take a little bit of time each day to work on your networking and personal brand building. Nobody really cares to see your Facebook pictures of what you had for lunch, anyway.

To learn more about April Kelly and to buy her book, go to WooHoo Press

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