Jeff Beals is a Self Marketer

Jeff BealsGuess what folks, the tried and true methods and tactics of being popular in high school, still rings true in the adult world. It’s just called by a different name: self marketing.

“The more well known you are, the more likely people are going to listen to your pitch,” Jeff Beals, author of Self Marketing Power, said.

In a country obsessed with celebrities, Beals, who speaks around the country, associates celebrity with the power of self-marketing.

“It’s about becoming a celebrity in your sphere of interest,” he said. “All those people out there who in any way can be your clients, can refer clients, get you a better job, and get you on a committee or a board of directors you’ve always coveted. Everyone has to very strategically find a way to make themselves miniature celebrities if they want to maximize their talent and therefore their success.”

Beals is a man with his finger in multiple pies: radio talk show host, commercial real estate executive, newspaper columnist and part-time college professor.

“You might call it adult ADD,” Beals said. “I just can’t do one thing.”

With a background that diverse, it is fair to say that he practices what he preaches and Beals evangelizes Omaha more than he does self-marketing. Beals spent time talking about how Omaha has become the “silicon prairie.”

According to be Beals, Omaha hasn’t had a local recession since the great depression and The Cheesecake Factory had their third largest opening in the franchise history. Couple that with the fact that Google, Paypal and “a hodge podge of other things like healthcare” lay claim to Omaha. It’s tough to deny the success Omaha has had in the business community.

Beals spoke of everything that was happening in Omaha, but how did it get to where it is today? “Somehow or another [Omaha] has turned itself into a very progressive, very modern business outlet,” he said.

While it does seem like everything in Omaha is as perfect as Abe Lincoln’s beard or George Jones‘ singing, there are some snags in the “silicon prairie.” One of the biggest snags is the tax environment that caters to corporations, but on an individual level it can be a little, well, taxing.

“Other than [taxes],” Beals said. “There is nothing man-made that I can criticize about this place.”

Jeff’s first book, Self Marketing Power, has won four major awards including: Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book (Ben Franklin Awards); Foreword Magazine’s Career Book of the Year, Silver Medal; National Indie Excellence Awards, Finalist; and USA Book News, First-Place Award for the Business category.

Now there’s an example of good self marketing.
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