Jeff Beals Reveals Sales Success of Top College Coaches

There are many ways that sales success is displayed by successful college football coaches.

If you want a successful team, you need good players, right?

JeSales success enjoyed by top college coachesff Beals, author of Selling Saturdays: Blue-Chip Sales Tips from College Football, talked to college football coaches to find out what drives them.

He talked with a lot of them.

Coaches really have to prove themselves “off the field” by selling the recruits on playing for their team. They’re pitching hard whether their record is 10-1 or 2-8. What it takes to win on Saturday in the college football game, starts in the living rooms and coffee shops. Or even on a city bus, sitting in the front seat while an athlete’s mom drives her 4 hour route. It’s where you convince the parents of future athletic superstars that they should “trust you” and send their children to your school.

Beals set out to talk to football coaches about their skills that keep their schools among the best in the country, year after year. He found that former coaches had more time to reminisce without worrying about the competition for next year’s recruits. Some of these stories came from former greats Hayden Fry, R. C. Slocum, Phillip Fulmer, Tom Osborne, Barry Switzer, and John Cooper.

Coach Switzer discussed one particular situation where he missed out on the great Earl Campbell. Campbell, who ended playing for Texas (Oklahoma’s bitter rival) was a thorn in the side of the Sooners.

“Came in second on that one, Coach?”

“Second?” Switzer exclaimed. “Second don’t mean nothing!”

In 1977, Campbell helped his No. 5 Texas beat No. 2 Oklahoma 13-6, racking up 126 rushing yards and one touchdown.

Not only are these guys charismatic, successful and competent. They are competitive.

Hayden Fry understood the value of relationships when he told his assistant coaches that if a recruit had a dog named “Spot,” he better get to know Spot.

“Whatever is important to that prospect,” Fry said, “it’s important to us.”

To Coach Fry, it was all about trust and building personal connections, which helped him land the first African-American scholarship player in the Southwest Conference while coaching Southern Methodist University.

Beals also interviewed journalists and athletes to round out these profiles. He said it surprised him to the lengths these Beals learns how top college coaches enjoy sales successcoaches would go through, including FedExing prospects on a daily basis. “It’s an ultra-competitive environment club,” Beals says. “They are so good at sales because they are competitive. Willing to do whatever it takes.”

“Selling Saturdays” takes a fresh approach to sales success and motivation by studying and revealing the secrets of winning football coaches.

It might help you with your own business.

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